Alcatel 1 5033XR Manual / User Guide

A new TCL phone with the model name 5033XR has bagged certification from the GCF website! According to, TCL 5033XR is a variant of the Alcatel 1 2021. From the below links, You can download the Alcatel 1 2021 5033XR user manual in English in Digital PDF format. Alcatel-1_5033X_5033D_5033Y_UM_EN_V0.6_20190812.pdf Alcatel 1 2021 is a … Read more

Alcatel 3L 2021 User manual / Guide

Alcatel 3L 2021 user manual & support – This is the Alcatel 3L 2021 6056H user manual in English and French provided from the manufacture. For your information, the Alcatel 3L (2021) model number is 6056H and 6056D.  Both Alcatel 6056H and 6056D recently passed the GCF (Global Certification Forum) certification. Powered by Android 11 … Read more

Alcatel 1s 2021 User Manual, Specs, Price & release date

Download Alcatel 1s 2021 User manual Alcatel 1S 2021 Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility Alcatel 1S 2021 Specs, Price & release date TCL officially announced its upcoming Alcatel 1s smartphone at CES 2021. The Alcatel 1S will be available to purchase in February with a price tag of 109 euros (converts to approximately $130, £100, … Read more

TCL Alcatel A509DL gets FCC Approval

A new TCL Alcatel smartphone with the model number A509DL recently passed through the FCC Certification Process. TCL(A509DL) LTE 2/4/5/12/13/25/26/41/66/71, WCDMA 2/4/5, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth According to our tipster, the Alcatel A509DL could be the Alcatel A3 or Alcatel A3 X coming to Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk. Currently, Tracfone wireless is selling the Alcatel … Read more