BLU G51 Plus user manual / Guide

This is the official Blu G51 plus owners manual in English Portuguese and Spanish provided by the manufacturer.

Blu’s upcoming new phone called Blu G51 plus received the FCC Approval on April 21st. Thanks to the FCC filings, Now we can download the Blu G51 plus owners manual.

Download BLU G51 Plus Owners Manual

Language(s): English

G51 PLUS manual – English.pdf

Blu G51 Plus Manual do proprietário

Language(s): Portuguese

G51 plus MANUAL DO USUÁRIO Portuguese.pdf

Blu G51 Plus El manual del propietario

Language(s): Spanish

Blu G51 Plus El manual del propietario.pdf

About Blu G51 Plus.

Blu G51 plus is a variant of the Blu G51. The upcoming new Blu G51 plus is a 4g capable smartphone powered by Android OS. As to Blu G51 plus network connectivity, The phone supports LTE 2/4/5/7/12/66, WCDMA 2/4/5, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth!