Broadmobi R520 Wireless Router

Broadmobi Wireless Router&Access Point with model name R520 recently bagged the FCC certification.

Below is the Broadmobi R520 Wireless Router user manual leaked by the FCC filings.

R520 Wireless Router.PDF

Language: English


How to reset Broadmobi R520 Wireless Router

All you have to do now is just find a small paper clip and stick one end into the hole while the router is turned on!

Reset Buttonhole – (Number 11 in the above screenshot)

How to set up Broadmobi R520 Wireless Router

1) Connect Ethernet cable between your PC/Notebook and one of the four available LAN ports on R520.
2) Connect Ethernet cable between the WAN ports of your ADSL/CABLE modem and the WAN port of R520. Please make sure your ADSL/CABLE modem is working properly. Contact your ISP if you have any questions.
3) Power up R520

Broadmobi R520 Wireless Router cannot connect to SSID.

Please make sure the wireless function of your PC is turned on. If it is already on, please refresh the network list.
Please make sure your PC is in the wireless signal coverage of the device.
Please make sure your device is away from electromagnetic interference.

Please make sure your device‟s wireless function is turned on.
If the problem is still not solved, please try to reset your device to default settings.