Motorola XT2227 Bags FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance Approval

Motorola XT2227, Motorola’s upcoming new phone for 2022 has been spotted at FCC along with the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification website.


According to the WI-FI Alliance website, the upcoming new Motorola XT2227 has at least four model variants, namely the XT2227-1, XT2227-2, XT2227-3 and XT2227-4.

The phone supports a 2.4 GHz WIFI Frequency Band and runs Android 11 OS out of the box.

Motorola (XT2227)

approved February 14th
LTE 2/4/5/7/13/26/38/66, WCDMA 2/4/5, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

As per the SAR test report for the Motorola XT2227, The phone is a 4G capable phone and it supports 4G LTE bands B2, B4, B5, B7. B13, B26, B36, and B66.

None of the aforementioned authorities have revealed the detailed specs of the new Motorola XT2227 smartphone. Maybe it is the next generation of the Motorola XT2117.

The Moto G Power (2021)’s model name is XT21117, So the Motorola XTR2227 could be the Moto G power 2022.

So far, Motorola has not announced the release date and price for the Motorola G power 2022 Smartphone.

Stay Tuned.