Upcoming Tracfone phones 2021 – Orbic Magic 5G

Upcoming Tracfone phones 2021 – Orbic Magic –Reliance R678EL

[Update] Reliance R678EL is the model name of the JIO Orbic Magic 5G smartphone.

A new Reliance smartphone with the model number R678EL was spotted on Tracfone’s official support website.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the Reliance R678EL was listed together with the upcoming Alcatel A509DL, LG L355DL, Blu B1300DL.

Sadly, Tracfone’s support page does not mention the marketing name and other details about this upcoming Reliance R678EL!

So far, the Reliance R678EL has not received the FCC certification, and we can not find the model name in the Bluetooth SIG listing either.

Maybe Tracfone will launch this Reliance R678EL smartphone in Q1 2021.

The phone is expected to be available from Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk, and many other Tracfone prepaid brands.

We will post the Reliance R678EL user manual here when it is available for download from Tracfone Wireless.