Upcoming ZTE Phones 2021, ZTE A7030

ZTE’s new phone with model name A7030 has just bagged the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)certification!

The new ZTE A7030 was certified under FCC ID SRQ-ZTEA7030. It is a 4G capapable smartphone and supports 2 GSM bands, 2, UMTS bands and 9 LTE bands:

GSM: 850/1900 MHz
UMTS:850/1900/AWS MHz

The FCC filings also dislcosed the external photo, internal photo and a quick start guide for the ZTE A7030.

Download ZTE A7030 Quick Start Guide



Sadly, this is just a prelimiary manual for the ZTE A7030.

You can find the ZTE A7030 device layouts, Setting Up Your A7030, How to install nano-SIM card onto ZTE A7030 in the quick start guide.

So far (Jan. 20, 2021), ZTE official has not announced the price and release date for this ZTE A7030 smartphone.