Zebra Android USB Driver v2.2

Download the latest Zebra Android USB Driver Version 2.2 – which supports Zebra devices running Android 10!


Android USB Driver v2.2

To install Android USB Driver…

• Double click AndroidDrv020200.exe to start the installation.
• The installer will guide you through the installation.
• Please refer to the ‘Installation’ section in the user guide for further information


What is New in Zebra Android USB Driver Version 2.2:

  • Added support for TC70X, TC75X, and ET5X Marshmallow devices.
  • Added support for TC20, TC25, TC51, TC56, and TC70X Nougat devices (added
    November 2017) *.
  • Added support for MC33, and VC80X Nougat devices. (added January 2018)
  • Added support for MC33, PS20, TC20, TC25, TC51, TC52, TC56, TC57, TC70x, TC72,
  • TC75x, TC77, and VC80x Oreo devices (added April 2019)
  • Added Windows 10 64/32 bit support (added April 2019)Need more help, please visit Zebra’s official support website here.

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